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We Did It!!!!!!

As some of you know in early April one of our big front windows were broken. We could have let it ruin our day or week, but not here. See, to replace the window we had to take down the old wood façade. It had been up there from at least the 1950's or earlier. Under all of the façade was beautiful colored glass bricks put in to a design, also the advertisement's from the original owner. The front of the building door are also being replace back to double doors.

The new window is on the way ands the old advertisement's will be remade and placed back on the windows. This was all made possible by the folks that donated to help with the repair work. We thank you all and as promised as soon the repair is done our gift shop will be open again along with the gallery.

Construction is still going on and the walls yes are exposed, they are still being torn down and updated. The carpet is being ripped up and the hardwood floors are in great shape.

A special shout out to the volunteers that come here day in and day out either doing the work or working around it with other projects. You guys are the best!

In two weeks we should be about to start tours with our limited space, but we are asking to make reservations first. We want to make sure that you trip is enjoyable and that we do not put you work painting or doing inventory. (joking, but if you want too lets talk). The gift shop is starting to be stocks with many new items as we speak, so give us a call and we would love to have you.


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