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The War to end all Wars

We at the Museum are happy to have the chance to join Museums around the world in this great event. We at this time have worked out the times and place for this event.

  1. We will have premiere night in association with local vendors on Nov -4th time to be posted later. location will be at the MMA Auction house. with food service onsite, with reenactors and afterhours tour of the Museum.

  2. Well will have small scale showings using the museums main gallery area on the following dates Nov -5th, Nov -11th, Nov -12, Nov -18 and Nov -19th. All showings at the museum will be by Reservation only due to capacity restrictions. The showing times will be 11am and 4pm each day.

  3. All the final details for this event will be posted later this week so please check back


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