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Restoration update

To keep everyone updated on our progress in the restoration work we have been doing, it has been going on, in one word "whirlwind". Since we have been to pay off our building, projects that had to place on hold are now being worked on.

  1. The celling is in the process of restored to its original 14 feet height, last time that was seen, We think back in the 1930 when the hardware store owned it. Also we are restoring the front of the building and opening up the original 14 ft. windows also.

  2. We are restoring all of the hardwood floors throughout the 1st floor , We got so lucky that at least this floor they had been protected by carpet.

  3. Second floor had not fared so well though out the years, but we will be rebuilding that floor also to original look, based off pictures and eye witness accounts.

We miss you all and if you would like to donate to restoration process, please do lets make this place a testament to the decantation to preserving history. We will keep you updated more, hoping weekly. Sorry we have not updated our webpage lately, Our webpage designer just finish her boot camp in the army and will updated the website here shortly. She is one of our most dedicated volunteers even if she is active military. So a big Thank her and all the other volunteers that have worked tirelessly to preserve history for the next generation.


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