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Been a long time

Sorry for the long time between the blog posts, but between the projects hat we are doing here at the building and our staff changes since last October. It has been crazy, so I going to try to catch you on some news.

After Election's in October 2020 our Current officers are:

Director: Sarah Nunn

Curator: Richard Barela Jr.

Liaison: Garrett Nunn

Team Lead Male: Maxwell Barela

Team Lead Female: Abigail Barela

Web Support/Development: Weslie Long

We have removed the meet the staff tab for updating but will be back soon.

We are going to be adding a gift shop tab to this page within the next two month for fund raising efforts. It will include handmade items, period correct reproductions, painting's, jewelry and so much more.

We are open by appointment only for Veteran Research, art & crafts classes, Genealogy Classes, and after school programs. Unfortunately our HVAC is being removed for replacement.

I don't want to make this to long but will update on events we are planning on going to this summer by the end of next week.

Talk to you soon..........


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