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Open by appointment only

Our remodeling is taking longer then expected due to the current state of affairs of the country at this time. To allow the work to proceed and look as amazing as we would like it, we have chosen to be open by appointment only. Rest assure we will still assist Veterans and their family on metal and military files replacement.

It is a decision that was not taken lightly by our board, but in the spring when the museum returns to regular business hours it will be amazing. Our after school program will also be working on limited capacity also, we will remain stead fast to the kids and the needs they may have to become they best they can be.

We are sorry fro the inconvenience this may cause, but to serve our community and Veterans with the highest quality of care we must prolong our renovation to the building.

Please call if any questions or email us at

Office: 937-663-7216

After hours: 937-418-4215

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