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Good Morning,

Hope you are staying warm during the cold weather. Never the less spring will be here soon and we all can start enjoying the outdoors again.

At the museum we have made some changes to our displays and set up a gift shop. The gift shop will highlight local artist's creations and military related items all for sale. It is important to support our local community, many of the items our volunteer make for us. This means they are one of a kind and 100% of the money made will be use to fund our after school program.

The break in January was productive for both the museum and our volunteers. First thing is that one of the upstairs main rooms is ready to be painted, put in flooring, and changing out the lights fixtures. This room will serve as our research library. It will be open to the public to use for family genealogy and military research.

So cross your fingers that it will open by April (we have to get scaffolding for the painting it has the original 14 foot wall). We are also putting a new heater up there also. So if you are in the area or would like help or donate please help.

It can not be said enough serving our veterans and community is a true honor for us. This museum has come a long way from our very small beginnings. It only proves that people do make a difference when we work together.

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